Full Mi Belly

Comes with plantain, steamed vegetables, and your choice of rice & peas, Brown or White Basmati rice or Gluten-Free Turn cornmeal. No other substitutions.

Ackee and saltfish


The national fruit of Jamaica,  ackee is  delicate in texture, taste and flavor. It resembles scrambled eggs and is sauteed with saltfish, onions, sweet peppers and spices for a total unique taste! 

Jerk Chicken Plate


Free-range, no hormones added, grilled chicken marinated in Reggae Pot Jerk seasoning (White Meat only for an extra $ 1.75)

Curried Goat Plate


A Jamaican classic, free-range,  bone-in and slowly simmered in an aromatic blend of spices until deliciously tender

Reggaepot Oxtail stew


This caribbean treasure is seasoned with Reggaepot marinade and dry rubbed, then slow cooked for hours culminating in a soft, succulent beefy goodness that's finger lickin good! 

Jerk Salmon Plate


A fresh salmon fillet perfectly seasoned and grilled to order

Escovitch Snapper Fillet

(Market Price)

Seasoned  with Reggaepot fish mix and fried up in a cast iron pan our snapper fillet is served with pickled onions, carrots, and a scotch bonnet/ habanero hot chili pepper 

Escovitch Snapper Whole

(Market Price)

Sunday and Wednesday only. Seasoned Whole Snapper is served with pickled onions, carrots and a scotch bonnet/habanero hot chili pepper

Vegan-Gluten Free

Jerk Tofu Plate


Firm tofu grilled and marinated in our Reggaepot seasoning making it slightly spicy and very savory 



Nourish your body with these leafy Jamaican Collared greens, onions & sweet peppers, very flavorful. Additional  $ 2.25 to add Saltfish (no longer vegan with fish)

Rasta Ackee


Jamaican national fruit the Rasta way! Ackee, onions and sweet peppers to spice it up 

Curry Garbanzo


A rich, creamy delectable stew of garbanzo beans, sweet peppers, mushrooms, onions and Jamaican curry in coconut milk with a hint of spice

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