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“Fi di real tase a Jamaica.”
For the real taste of Jamaica.

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Any dish or item not listed on catering menu, can be made available or accommodated upon request.

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The menu has titles written in the Jamaican vernacular. So, from the “Full Mi Belly” (entree) section customers can sample Jerk Salmon, Curried Goat and Ackee and Saltfish —the latter is the national dish of Jamaica, built from the seeds of the rare ackee fruit, and it must be of perfect ripeness; otherwise, it’s poisonous. When properly prepared, the sauteed seeds cradle the briney flavor of saltfish with a taste that is somewhere between nuts, cheese and eggs.

This spot checks all boxes of authenticity, from the staff’s accents and the wall-sized portrait of the homeland to the soft plonks and chirps of reggae in the background. Their slogan says it best, they serve “Di Real Tase A Jamaica.”

SanJose.com  by:  John Flynn on March 16, 2016

Just a friendly reminder that Jamaican Food is not fast food. Everything is freshly made with each order. Slow cooked to make sure you taste all of the Jamaican flavors and love we put into it. Hope you enjoy and spread the love.